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Why You Should Build a Philadelphia Eagles Man Cave and How

By Aiko G January 25, 2018

You’re the biggest Philadelphia Eagles fan; and there’s really nothing wrong with that since they are the best National Football League Team ever! However, being the number one fan means that you probably have all the mugs, shirts, banners, bobble heads, foam hand, football, jersey and all the other official Philadelphia Eagles official merchandize there is. That’s great and all, but the problem is that there are too much and there’s nowhere to put them in the house!

If you have a spacious living room, then it’s not really a problem. Just dedicate a small space and make it into a sort of “Eagles Altar” that you can actually brag about to your friends. It’s pretty easy because all you have to do is set up a shelf, arrange your knick knacks, maybe put a Philadelphia Eagles LED Neon Sign at the top and you’re good to go. It wouldn’t even take you half a day, and it’s easy to add new things as they come along.

If, on the other hand, you are in conflict with one (if not all) of the reasons below, then it’s time for you to start thinking about building a man cave:

  • The wife - This is the most important question of all. Your girl is the love of your life; but you cannot get her to like your Philadelphia Eagles collection because “it does not go with the theme of the house” or “it makes the room look cluttered.” If she doesn’t approve and you don’t want to get rid of your stuff, then haul them up and start working on your own space where ALL of your stuff are precious items.
  • The kids - The kids don’t hate your collection; they love it! In fact, they love it too much that they play with it all day and have disfigured and beheaded a number of bobble heads. Nothing to hate there because you know that you’re raising a future Philadelphia Eagles fan #2 and that’s parenting done right! But for the love of your sanity, just pack your stuff and move them to a special (and safe) place.
  • The space - It’s not just your wife, but even you think that the living room feels too cluttered. Plus, where on earth are you going to put your awesome full body Eagles costume that you got on a super awesome sale online? Stop overthinking and start making!

The reasons why you should have your own man cave have been outlined, but if you’re still not convinced then think of it as more of your sanctuary more than a storage room for your collection. After a long day at work, it’s nice to sit down, relax and watch a game in your own personal space. The Philadelphia Eagles theme is not really necessary but really a fun project for you! Don’t worry if you’re not really a handyman because it’s not like you’re going to design your own home. We’ll make sure to give you some tips and man cave ideas that you can use.

  • The Wall - The wall of your man cave will pretty much determine how the room will look like. So if you’ve got a specific tone or look that you want then you must carefully think of the shade and color. The official colors of the team are midnight green, white, black and silver. If you love the color then you can go all out with the midnight green theme. You can accentuate it with some white, black and silver details by painting on the panel moulding, wall base and chair rail. If you’re not in love with this idea and prefer a minimalist look then simply paint the walls white. Subtle details can be added or the room can just achieve the Philadelphia Eagles look as you add things along.
  • The Floor - A great idea would be to make the flooring look like a football field or the team’s home stadium. This task is difficult (and may be too costly) as this may require you to have the flooring custom made. But it will look totally awesome and will turn your room into a real Philadelphia Eagles man cave!

However, don’t fret if it seems impossible for you because anything simple will look great. Just go with a gray carpet if your walls were painted with a dark shade. If, on the other hand. you opted for the white walls, a dark colored flooring, such as midnight green, would be most suited.

  • The Collection - If one of the intentions you had for building a man cave was to store all your Eagles goodies, then you need carefully think of how you would like to store them. You can make your task so much easier by buying ready-made or easy installation shelves or cabinets in home shops. Paint these with green or gray and display your items here. But if you really want to make it extra special, here’s a fun idea for you: draw the outline of the Eagles logo on the wall and then install wooden panels onto it. These will look like a 3D display and the wooden panels can also serve as hanging shelves! Paint them black or silver to really give it more Eagles touch. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of skill; so if you love the idea but can’t execute it, then it’s best to hire a professional.

Whatever you decide on, it’s best to prop them up at the center of the wall that is directly in front of the door. That way, the first thing a person will see when he enters the room is your awesome collection. Top this up with some Philadelphia Eagles signs and banners and it will surely stand out!

  • The Chair - The chair, or your throne, is one of the most vital parts of your man cave. Imagine this place to be your escape from the day’s hustle and bustle. Sure, you’ve been sitting in the office the whole day; but nothing beats relaxing in your room with a beer in your hand and the NFL game on TV. You can get a reclining chair, an old-school grandfather chair or even a large couch so you and your friends can hang out and watch the game during the weekends.
  • The Bar - You really don’t need a bar in your man cave, but if you have the space, resources and time to build one then why not! It’s really simple because if you think about it, all you will really need are two things: a liquor cabinet and a counter. There are lots of mini home bar sets available in furniture stores and even online. You can even buy second hand furniture and then refurbish it to make it look new. You can paint it using any of the team’s official colors. However, you can keep the old wood stain and keep it simple yet classy. Just make sure that the color matches and coordinates with the other furniture in the room and that it doesn’t stray too far away from your theme. Otherwise, it’s just going to end up as an eyesore.

Here’s another great idea: remember that football field theme that you had initially planned for your flooring but was not implemented? Go ahead and make it happen on your bar counter! That would be easier because you just need to paint in the details onto the surface and then top it up with glass to protect the design. Again, this task requires a lot of skill so if you don’t want a messy looking counter then leave it to a professional.

Put in your stools, set-up the mini fridge and stash some liquor in your cabinet and your personal home-bar-in-man-cave will be complete!

  • Details, details, details! - Just because you’ve painted your walls, fixed the flooring and have set-up the furniture, doesn’t mean that your task is over. You can do so much more and add as many Philadelphia Eagles designs as your creativity can take you. You can paint the light switch boxes with their logo, buy a Philadelphia Eagles LED Neon Wall Clock, frame your favorite player’s jersey, purchase a Customized Wooden Sign and then paint it, get a Philadelphia Eagles Foosball table and many more! All the little details may not look like a it’s a big deal but it really takes the room to a whole new level when you put them all together.

These are some ideas you can use for your man cave. But remember that at the end of the day, this is still your space so you decide what goes in and what comes out. There are no delicate China with matching cutlery, lace curtains and special potpourri here! It’s a room that’s only for real Philadelphia Eagles fans!

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