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Seattle Seahawks Man Cave Design Ideas

By Aiko G November 20, 2017

It is not unusual to hear stories from men about how much their lives have changed after marriage. Most agree that the missus is a lean cleaning machine in the house and keeps everything spick n’ span. The kitchen is organized, the bathroom doesn’t smell like moldy underwear, clothes are always clean and you really don’t miss doing the sniff test 15 minutes everyday to see which shirt is still wearable. You finally understand what it means when they say “happy wife, happy life!”

Everything is all and well except for that one day when you bought a large Seattle Seahawks LED Neon Sign and you hear your not-so-happy-wife say, “get that Seahawks junk out of the house!” Don’t fret and start running to the door! Just take a step back and take a breather because a MAN CAVE is exactly what you need. In this sacred space, you can retreat and steer clear from all the women in your house. YOU decide which goes where in this room. No beige, teal or cyan the walls are painted in a color that you can actually pronounce. The couch doesn’t have to match the curtain, there are no fancy pots with a bunch dead leaves, and there are no carefully thought out wallpaper and carpet patterns. It is a sanctuary where all your “junk” are precious items that you can hang or display wherever you like. It is a space fit for a MAN.


How to Decorate your Man Cave

Your sacred space might be called a man cave, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t decorate it. Remember, this is where all your “precious items” will be stored. And if it is going to be your go-to place when you need to de-stress and relax, it might as well look the part and be pleasing to the eye!

The first step in decorating is to think of a theme or general motif. It really isn’t to difficult if you think about it. After all, you are nothing but a true blue (and green) Seattle Seahawks fan Bring on the 12!


Your Wall

The official colors of the Seattle Seahawks are blue, bright green and silver. Now it may sound so cool to paint your walls silver, but let’s stick something a bit more doable and will not hurt our eyes.

For the walls, it is suggested that you go with a green tone, but not too bright so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming. Accentuate it with white and dark blue lines or with strokes and curves, like with the team’s logo. You can do this by using paint, wallpaper or temporary wall stickers. These details are small but when put together, will give the room life.

Not a fan of the green walls? Switch it up with blue then use the green and white colors to accentuate the room. If you’re still not happy with the color of the walls, just paint them in a light shade of gray. It’s simple and easier to work with. Cut out stencils and paint over some Seahawks details using blue and green paint, or use temporary wall stickers instead. If you’re a minimalist and want to keep it simple, just paint over the baseboard, chair rail and crown molding, and keep the clean gray walls. This will actually make it easier to hang and display your Seattle Seahawks collection as there are no designs or patterns that you can potentially cover or ruin.

Finally, complete the look by hanging an awesome Seattle Seahawks LED Neon Sign; preferably at the center of the room or on the wall that you first see upon entering the man cave. There are several designs available that come in different colors and sizes. There are even multi-colored ones with different modes and colors, which you can control with a remote. This will go so well no matter what color you decide to put on your walls.

Your Collection

If you’re a true Seahawks fan, you most likely have a couple (or a hundred) of items and knick-knacks that you collect. Sure, the missus may think that the foam hand you bought at the very first Seattle Seahawks game you watched may be junk, but it’s a precious item with irreplaceable memory. So one of the vital purposes of having your own space is to prevent the disposal of said treasures.

A great way to display your collectibles is to install hanging shelves. It’s easy and if you paint the boards blue and green, it would look really great with your gray wall! Make sure to level each board properly and support them well with wall anchors. Arrange your bobble heads, helmet, autographed football, Seattle Seahawks table clock and other items here.

What about your Jerseys and shirts? Don’t want to wear them because they’re collectibles as well? There’s a simple solution for that: frame them! This would really go well especially if you have the uniforms of your favorite players. Imagine this: the uniforms of the best Seattle Seahawks players of all time framed and below them are customized LED Signs with their names! You can even get more creative by having their signatures or face engraved onto the signs instead. Alternate the colors with blue, green and white and then watch your mates’ jaws drop when you invite them over for a drink. Even the wife will be impressed with this set up!

The Throne

You’re finished with the design and general setup of your manly man cave. Now it’s time to add the finishing touch: the throne!

Imagine being at work the whole day. Stuck in the office for 8 hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair. You’re crushing numbers in your computer non-stop and you have deadlines to meet. But at the end of the day, you’re going to sit on your ultra soft reclining Lazy Boy, put your feet up and watch a Seattle Seahawks game in your man cave with a cold beer in your hand. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s really something to look forward to when you get home (other than the loving wife and kids of course).

As suggested, you can get a reclining chair where you sit and relax at the end of the day. However, the problem is that there may not be enough sitting spaces if you invite some of your buddies over. It won’t be a problem if these occasions don’t come often; but if you’re an outgoing person who loves hanging out then a long couch would be better suited for your man cave instead. Mount a TV, fill the mini-fridge with beer and you can literally stay holed up in there for hours.

The Bar

The bar in your man cave is optional; but if you have the budget and resources then it would definitely be a great addition to the room.

There are two essential furniture you need to complete your home bar: the counter and the liquor cabinet. If you’ve settled for a gray wall, then a dark blue hanging cabinet would go well with it. You can buy one ready-made, but it’s also a fun do-it-yourself project. You don’t really need to literally build everything yourself as you can simply buy or refurbish an old cabinet and paint it. Make sure that you level and screw them properly because you will be storing liquor and beer bottles in here!

For the counter, a great idea would be to paint the table top green and make it look like the Seattle Seahawks home field. If you’re not too good with small details, like the goals and logo, then you can print them on sticker papers and just arrange them. Finish the counter with a glass top to protect the design and secure it with glass table top spacers to prevent it from moving around.

To complete the bar, set up tall stools or chairs by the counter. There are some modern swiveling bar stools available in some home depot stores that you can use. These are great because you can sit by the bar and just turn to watch the game. But if you prefer wooden chairs then it’s fine too. These are great because you can paint and redecorate them. Once that’s been set up, your Seattle Seahawks man cave home bar is ready to open for business!

Finishing Touches

There are many more fantastic ideas and items that you can put in your man cave like a Seattle Seahawks LED Wall Clock. There are also cool wooden signs that you can hang by the door. These are awesome because you can also turn it into a fun do-it-yourself by painting it. However, you don’t need to finish all the Seahawks projects in one go. You can just focus on the important things and just add the other stuff along the way. Remember that this is YOUR space so there are no silly or stupid ideas. Have fun designing your man cave!

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