San Francisco 49ers Man Cave Ideas for Your Home

By Aiko G

There are 32 National Football League Teams and each one has a pretty solid foundation of supporters and fans. Some support their home state’s team while some follow their family’s team. Most people have had their childhood heroes and have stuck with them through thick and thin; while some are more analytic, with their favorites depending on the team’s current stats and lineup. Whatever the case, no one can argue that the San Francisco 49ers is one of the tops teams in the NFL and is definitely worth watching out for.

The San Francisco 49ers had their franchise granted in 1944 but actually had their first season in 1946 as a charter member of the All-America Football Conference (AAFC). The team joined the NFL in 1949 and is a member of the National Football Conference (NFC) West division. The history behind the name “49ers” is that it actually came from the gold-seekers that arrived in Northern California in the 1849 Gold Rush.

Since the team’s founding, the team has won 19 Western Division Championships, 6 NFC Championships and 5 Super Bowls. They have an NFL record of 552-468-14 and an all-time record of 591-483-16 at the start of the 2017 Season. The team also has several retired uniform numbers from players who are the best in the team’s history. Some numbers include #16 for Joe Montana, #80 for Jerry Rice, #42 for Ronnie Lott and #8 for Steve Young. These players, along with Coach Bill Walsh, led the 49ers to win their five Super Bowl championships between the years 1981 and 1995.

Although it has been a while since the 49ers won the super bowl championship, the team still has one of the biggest fandom in the nation. No doubt that they are one of the strongest teams to watch out for in the NFL. And if you’re one of the most hardcore followers of the team, then a 49ers Man Cave must have crossed your mind.

A Man Cave for your Home

If this is the first time you’ve come across the term man cave, then here’s a short description to give you an idea. A man cave is a space or room in the house that is reserved solely for the man, or men, of the household. In this room, the design, layout, contents and purposes are decided by the man. If you can’t display your awesome San Francisco 49ers LED Neon Sign in the bedroom or living room because the wife would not let you, then this is the place to  

Some people use their man caves as a display room for their collection that they could not otherwise showcase freely in the house. Some use this as a hobby room if they have interests such as woodworking, pottery, playing instruments, gaming, reading and many more. However, one of the most important functions of a man cave is that it’s your go-to place when you need to relax, unwind and get a well deserved me-time. Furthermore, you can dedicate this space to your all-time favorite NFL team and watch all their games with your buddies. Your collection will now have a home plus it’s extra bragging rights to your friends!

San Francisco 49ers Themed Man Cave

If you are convinced that you definitely need a man cave and can now imagine yourself sitting in your own throne room, then you would need a theme. It may sound like your wife talking, but you would need a theme or general layout so that you’ll know in what direction you would like to take the design of your space. We’re not talking about summer, pastel and other terms you usually hear women say when decorating a room; we’re talking about a 49ers themed man cave! Here are some tips and ideas you can use to decorate and design your space.

The Colors

The official colors of the 49ers are Scarlet and Gold. If you love this color combination then you can go ahead and use this for your man cave. A great idea would be to use the darker scarlet color for the floor. You don’t need to replace your entire flooring; you can just purchase a red carpet and place them along the areas that you want covered. You may also opt for carpet tiles for easier installation and removal. The best thing about carpet tiles is that you can also decorate the layout of the floor by adding some gold or yellow portions as well. For example, you can use red on the area where you will put your couch and then put a yellow border along it for a great effect.

If you don’t like carpet but would like to cover the entire room, a cheap alternative would be using garage mats. You might think that, considering its name, they’re only for the garage. However, these would go well in any area in the house that needs temporary flooring. Much like the carpet tiles, these are are easy to snap together, install and also remove. So if you get tired of the color scheme then it’s easy to replace it and go with another theme.

As for your walls, we suggest using the gold or yellow tone if you used scarlet for your floor. Not only will this make your man cave look brighter, but it’s going to make your collections and displays stand out as well. The official color of the team is gold, so you can go for a yellow shade that has a warmer tone. If you’re not a fan of the yellow, paint your walls white and then add some splashes of yellow. You can portion out some parts and use a panelling technique for this idea. For a more minimalist look, you can simply paint over the molding or baseboard.

If, like your flooring, you want to experiment with different looks but are afraid that you might get sick of it, then you can use temporary wallpapers. These are more costly than paint and might be a little more difficult to install, but you can try different shades, styles, patterns and color combinations. When you get sick of it, you can simply peel it off and then go for a new look. There are some San Francisco 49ers wallpapers available online as well. They look great and would definitely go well with your theme!


The Display

You have a lot of San Francisco 49ers collectibles and you’re eager to display them for everyone to see. No problem! That’s what your man cave is for. For this, all you really need is a display cabinet that you can paint to match your theme. It’s easy to find these at home depots or DIY stores.

If you want to go a little extra, here’s a neat idea for you. First, choose an empty wall and then paint over it. Then, get a cool San Francisco 49ers LED Neon Sign, Dynamic LED Box or even a wooden sign to place at the center. If you’ve painted the walls red, then get a yellow sign; if the walls are yellow then get a red sign. There is also a multi-colored variant, which has a remote to control colors and modes, available so it wouldn’t matter what color your wall is. Next, install hanging shelves around the sign. You can get ready-to-install ones or if you’re into carpentry then you can make them yourself. The wooden plank and hinges can also be painted with the opposite color as the wall or you can alternate them if you like. The last thing to do is to step back and enjoy the view!


The Throne

What is a man cave without a throne? Basically just a storage room! Of course, you would need to set up the best chair because at the end of the day, this is where you will relax, unwind and watch a 49ers game.

If you already have a favorite chair, then move it from your bed room or the living room to the man cave. You can have this upholstered to make it just like new. But if you have the budget, get an awesome reclining chair in red leather to match the theme of your room. Plus, you can set up a long couch so you and your family or friends can watch the game together. Now your man cave will not only be the perfect me-time place, but the family’s bonding room too!

Home Bar

You already have a man cave, so why not put a home bar in it? If you enough space, budget and resources, then why not right? It’s really not too complicated because all you will need are liquor cabinet and counter table for your bar. The cabinet is pretty easy because you can just get a regular kitchen cabinet, preferably with a glass display, and then paint it to match the room’s theme. If you want to ditch that all together then a wine rack and mini fridge will be fine.

As for the bar, there are counter tables with stool sets available in home depots or furniture stores. You may also purchase a second hand counter and then refurbish and paint it yourself. A great idea would be to paint and design the countertop to make it look like the team’s home stadium. You can paint it yourself, have it custom made, or just get a cool 49ers tablecloth and top it up with glass. For the stools, you can get it in red or gold, depending on what matches your theme. You can also design the seat with the team’s logo or a football. Put all that together and you have an instant home bar in your man cave!

Convinced that you need a San Francisco 49ers Man Cave in your life? Then it’s time to get your noggin’ working and get those creative ideas flowing!