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New York Giants Man Cave Ideas for your Home

By Aiko G February 23, 2018

New York Giants

There are lots of debates about which team is the best in the National Football League. Of course, each person has a different team that they’re rooting for and even family members have different opinions about it. However, no one can argue that the New York Giants has always been one of the best teams in the NFL.

The New York Giants joined the National Football League in 1925. During that time, the NFL was only 5 years old but the team quickly gained popularity because they won their first championship in just three years after its founding. Since then, they have won eight championships; four from the pre-super bowl era and four super bowl wins.

They also have an impressive line-up of players and have a number of retired jersey numbers. We have the #56 for Lawrence Taylor, #7 for Mel Hein, #16 for Frank Gifford and #1 for Ray Flaherty to name a few. They are just some examples but the team definitely has a long list of great players. In fact, some would even argue that they’re the best in the country.

There are also several unforgettable moments in the team’s history. Most fans will still be able to tell you the epic tale of how the Giants won 41 to 0 over the Minnesota Vikings in the 2000 NFC Championship. Of course, there’s the unforgettable Super Bowl XLVI match between Giants and the New England Patriots. It was the ultimate showdown and truly an unforgettable win for the team.

New York Giants Collection

If you’re an avid fan of the New York Giants, then there’s no doubt that you have a huge collection of the team’s knick knacks and memorabilia. From a signed football, limited edition jersey, bobble heads to a foam hand, you’re certain that you have it all. But if your collection is just sitting inside a box or being stored in a cabinet then it would seem like a waste. After all, it’s best to display them. Not only can you marvel at how much you’ve collected over the years, but it’s also sweet bragging points to your family and friends!

You can make a simple display cabinet for your collection and place it in the living room for everyone to see. However, not everybody can do this because of several reasons. It could be your loving wife who supports your fan-boying over the team but doesn’t like it when you mess up the interior decoration of the house; it could be your kids who love to open and play with your items; or it could just be because of the lack of space in the common area. If you’re worried about these things and have a spare room, then get your tools ready because it’s time for you to build your very own man cave!

New York Giants Man Cave

A man cave is a great idea because not only does it serve as the display room for your collection, it’s also a place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. It’s your very own space where you can get a well-deserved me time. Everybody in the house knows that this is your go-to place and they respect your privacy. Plus, you can fill this room with as much New York Giants stuff as you want. From the floor to all the way up to the ceiling, you can put all your collection and no one will mind. Remember that this is your very own space so you can do whatever you want in it.

If you’re convinced that you definitely need one, then here are some awesome man cave ideas that you can use to build and decorate your very own.

The Colors

The official colors of the New York Giants are blue, red and white. For your walls, you can paint the whole room blue or red. However, it is suggested that you go for a subtle look with white walls. You are going to fill this room with tons of New York Giants items and these are most likely going to be mostly in red and blue. The outcome is you will have a dark room and your display will not look too noticeable.

If you’ve decided to go for the white walls, you can make it look more interesting by painting blue and red lines. It can be parallel lines along the base or moulding of the wall. You can also decorate it by hanging a lighted New York Giants LED sign. There are several designs available online. Some feature the team’s logo or name; while some even have old logos or the names of some of the team’s best players.

On the other hand, you can also go for a full-on blue or red approach if that is what you prefer. You can paint your display cabinets white instead or use furniture with a lighter color. This is, afterall, your room so the choice is entirely up to you.


If you want to change the room’s flooring, a dark color is suggested if you went for white walls. A dark shade of blue, like midnight blue, looks great and doesn’t tend to get too dirty right away as well. If you want a bold and fun idea, try using red flooring instead. This is great because you can get blue furniture for a contrasting look. You can also put up some blue New York Giants rugs or carpets if you don’t like the idea of making the whole floor red.

The Collection

One of the reasons why you had ventured into building your own man cave is so that your precious collection can be displayed instead of being stored away in boxes. It’s really simple because you just need a good piece of display cabinet and paint it to match your room. If you went for the white walls, you can paint your furniture blue or red. Why, you can even be creative and even paint the team’s logo. Just print the stencil, cut it out and then spray paint it.

You can get a glass display with lights if you have the budget and resources. If not, you can also make your very own hanging shelves. It’s pretty simple because you just need sturdy piece of wood, some hinges and a power drill so you can hang them on the wall. The best thing about hanging shelves is that they are completely customizable. You can paint them in any color you want and position them onto the wall in however you prefer.

The Players

If you’re an avid fan then there’s no doubt that you have favorites who, in your belief, are the best New York Giants players of all time. Of course, this also means that you have their jersey or helmets. You can frame jerseys and put the helmets in a glass display. However, if you really want to make it look more interesting then you can set-up LED signs and hang them along with your collection. There are several New York Giants players LED Neon Sign available online, but don’t fret if your all time favorite is not there. Simply order a Custom LED sign and your problem is solved. The best thing about this is that you can customize it and choose the design. Custom order the player’s name, initials or even his personal logo.

The Throne

There’s no doubt that since this is the New York Giant’s den, then this would also be the sacred room where you watch all the team’s games. You would also most likely spend a lot of time relaxing in here, so it’s okay to invest on a good chair. There are a lot of New York Giants chairs and couches available online, but you don’t really need to spend a lot if it’s just based on the design. You can just use your favorite chair and have it refurbished with blue and white leather to match your room’s theme.

If you’re planning on inviting your pals over the weekend to watch some game, get a bigger couch for the room. For the center or coffee table, just get a cheap wooden table in your local home depot and paint it yourself. Use the dark color blue as the base and then accentuate it with white and red designs. Food and drink spills will not be too noticeable with a darker base, but you can also top it up with a glass panel to protect the paint and for easy cleaning.

Other Cool Ideas for your Man Cave

You’ve covered the basic furniture and general layout of your man cave. Here are other ideas you can use to make it look even more awesome:

  • Order a Custom LED Neon Sign with the team's logo and your name to hang on your door.
  • Paint your light switch panels blue and white. You can also stick the team’s logo to make it look more interesting.
  • Purchase a New York Giants wooden sign and then make it a DIY project by painting it yourself.
  • Get blue, red and white cushions or pillowcases for your couch.
  • If you have the budget, get a New York Giants Foosball table for your man cave
  • Get a New York Giants LED Wall Clock or Table Clock.

These are just some ideas that you can use, but remember that you can do more or just keep it simple. Either way, it will definitely turn out great because there’s no beating a Giants cave!

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