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Gear Up Your Golden State Warriors Game Room

By Alissa C September 25, 2017

It has been years since they made rounds through NBA news. From their all-time low in the 1990s with the team hitting rock bottom in and out of the court, the Golden State Warriors took a huge leap in the 2010s, generating huge waves and breaking records with the Splash Brothers taking the lead.

First known as the Philadelphia Warriors when the team was formed in 1946, they had two NBA Championships under their belt. They became the San Francisco Warriors in the 1960s when the team was purchased by Franklin Mieuli and was relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. They changed the name again in 1971 to the Golden State Warriors and it was not until 1974-75 that they once again became Champions.

Their game has become subpar ever since, winning games here and there but not quite having a really good game in the playoffs and missing opportunities in the Finals. Personal and professional issues have also popped out throughout this era affecting not only the players but the whole team itself.

After a number of shuffling players and coaches alike, it’s looking like they have finally got their rhythm back. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were the talk of the town, with Curry being 2014–15 NBA Most Valuable Player, the first Warrior to be named MVP since 1960. In 2015-16, they opened the season with 24 consecutive wins. They also set a new record with 54 straight home game regular season wins, among other broken records, with the previous record being held by the Chicago Bulls in 1995-96.

That’s a pretty huge gap from their NBA Championship win in 1975 to the next in 2015, and again in 2017. That’s quite a feat there, old time fans sure are having the best time of their lives; and throngs of converts and new NBA fans joining the party.


Your Warriors Hall of Game

Now we are in the “Fantastic Four” era, with the Warriors oiling their wheels and polishing their game, why not gear up your own game room? Or set up one if you still haven’t. A TV and a comfy sofa just wouldn’t cut it. This team deserves better than that! Fans of all ages, old timers or newbies, will totally be floored once you’ve set it up so set it up right starting with…


The Room

You’ve had those wallpapers and carpets someone else picked ever since you’ve moved in? Not good. Mark your territory with the team colors! Having a good base to work with is important so that all your gears and decor will go well together in one place. This is not going to be your ordinary mancave, it’s going to be your Warriors Hall, your own Oracle Arena, so better lay it on thick.

Go for Royal blue on the walls, or if you prefer a darker or lighter shade go ahead but don’t stray too far. Add some accents in Golden Yellow, or perhaps some wall art if you’re up to it. You can go with this flow for the carpet with splashes of color for an exciting vibe. Or go neutral with shades of white or gray or even black for a classier and streamlined look and you can add a pop of that golden yellow with a nice rug. Themed and color coordinated curtains add flair and volume to the room, and in case you’ll be needing some privacy on those intense game sessions.


 Traditional Royal Blue   Warriors Royal Blue   Golden Yellow

Traditional Royal Blue, Warriors Royal Blue, and Golden Yellow


The Backdrop

Now you’ve got your canvass figured out, time to decorate! Make sure anyone who enters know whose turf this is. These Golden State Warriors LED Signs can sure do the trick. There are 7 colors available but you’ll only be needing blue, yellow, and may be white. Hang them on your door, put one on every wall. You can even put one in your window so even your neighbors know what’s up. This will be perfect to ward off rival teams and boost the spirit of fellow Warriors fans!



Old school or new school? Take your pick!


Golden State Warriors memorabilia are a definite must-have. If you’ve got some Warriors jerseys, signed items like shirts or basketballs, display them proudly where anyone who comes in can see it. Deck your walls with posters and flags, create your Wall of Fame with your favorite players. From the 1960 MVP Wilt Chamberlain to the younger power houses like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. And why not put up a basketball ring on one wall for practicing your free throws and lay ups, just be careful with the dunks though.


The Throne

This will be your control center where most of the action is going to happen. This will involve quite a bit more planning. Determine where in the room is the best place for the best seat in the house. Where you can get a full view of the game and with refreshments at a reasonable distance.  And whether you prefer going solo or having friends over will seal the deal.

If you want full command of your territory, go ahead and get the best and comfiest recliner you can get, maybe two. If having company works for you, then having a complete couch set is the better choice. Either way, you can also throw in a couple of bean bags or any comfy seats in case the whole gang decides to show up. Also make sure to have ample space to place your drinks and chips, like a low table at the center of the seats. This may sound like a small thing but once everybody’s in the zone and starts forgetting things, you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun by making a mess and possibly short circuiting the electronics by spilling your drinks. The key take-away here is comfort as this is where you will probably be ninety percent of the time and maximum enjoyment is the goal.

And what kind of control center is it going to be without THE SET UP? Wide screen television, surround sound, your game console, your stack of games, the works! No skimping here so you can enjoy the game to the fullest, whether it’s the Warriors game on live TV or an NBA 2K session with your buddies. Pro tip: you can also use the LED signs as some sort of “Do Not Disturb” or “Game In Session” sign. You can even get customized ones as well!


The Galley

It’s game time and everything is heating up, everyone is glued to their seats, all senses in total focus on the event that’s unfolding upfront. Seemingly in a trance, you inch your cold glass to your face to drink, but all you get is a huge gulp of air. Your trance broken, you realize there aren’t any chips left on the bowl as well. The boys are in dire need of refills but who would be willing to go to the kitchen down the hall and miss every second of this important game? NO ONE. Not even you.

So why not set up a mini kitchen bar in the game room? Have a fridge to keep all your refreshments nice and cold. Set up a bar counter for when you are feeling a bit extra with the drinks, and a cupboard to keep your snacks safe and ready for when the chip bowl is once again empty. If space is an issue, you can get a mini fridge instead and stack a mini shelf or even a basket on top to house the food items. And voila, a one-stop snack bar! You can even put this as close to the throne as you want and it wouldn’t even take a minute for refills ever again.


The Final Touches

To complete the look and feel of your Warriors game room, you can also display trinkets and other small souvenirs from games and official events. You can even dedicate a whole shelf for these if you have enough. Even the glasses you use, the bottle opener, and other little things that may as well go unnoticed can make a big difference if you keep the theme and the team in mind.

And before any big game, make sure that everything’s in place and that your drink and snack stash are ready and enough for you and for your buddies. If no one likes to take the trip to the kitchen down the hall, then definitely no one would want to take the trip to the store three blocks away.


These are just some tips to help you liven up your game room dedicated to the team. Remember that this is YOUR Warriors Hall of Game and you can make it any way you would like it to be. Some items may be really awesome to have in your room but may also not be the best choice, like a ten-person couch when you can only fit four. If you do have a budget you need to stick to, you can find ways around it and still achieve your desired look. Watch out for items on sale and promos, and be on the lookout for alternatives. If you’re sharing the space with someone else, then why not share the expenses as well? And if you’re into crafts, go ahead and DIY your way through and you might even save a lot more.

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