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Design Your Own Cleveland Cavaliers Man Cave

By Alissa C January 25, 2018

You’ve been a Cavs fan for the longest time and still don’t have the proper nook to watch the games and showcase your prized collection? Sure, the family living room for watching the games (as long as you’ve got full control of the remote) and the bedroom for all your memorabilia (which probably only you can see) seemed to be working just fine. But having your own Cavalier-themed man cave doesn’t just sound a lot better? Time to set up your own in time for the next game! Here are some tips to get you started.


Choosing The Space

If you’ve got a spare room, maybe a guest room no one’s ever actually used or even a stock room where you keep things you’re never really going to use, then it’s time for some cleaning up! Turn it into something you’ll actually enjoy spending time in instead of just letting it gather dust. Just make sure you’ve got enough space to put all the stuff you have in mind and still be able to move around. The space you are working with is a very big determining factor. If you have a large room to work with, then you have a lot of space to play around. If the space you have is not that big, just make sure you also keep the important items in.

Clear out everything you don’t plan on using for this project or anywhere else. We’re creating a man cave after all, not another stock room, so keep that in mind. If you need to throw out everything, so be it. It might be better to work on a blank canvass.


Prepping The Room

Now that you’ve got your room cleared, it’s time to paint! What color, you ask? Cavs team colors of course! You can choose from Navy Blue, Wine, and Gold, or might as well use all of them. We can do this in two ways. If you’d prefer a clean look for your man cave, you can have a neutral base for the walls (any shade of white can work). You can play with the moldings, using the team colors, or create your own simple patterns to decorate the walls.



If you’d rather go all out, then go ahead and paint the whole walls with the team colors. Go bold with solid colored walls or try out different hues of navy and wine. You can then add details in gold for added effect.

For the floor, if you’ve got room in your budget, you can have the whole room carpeted in a color that would go well with you walls. Carpets, aside from adding aesthetic points, also add comfort and reduce noise. There are also carpets specially designed for soundproofing, but will most likely cost more.


Setting Up Your Man Cave

Your canvass is all set. The next step is deciding what to put in your man cave. First and foremost, the TV. Depending on the size of your room, it should not be too small that you might as well just watch on your smart phone. Nor should it be too big that it’s too straining to watch. There are some tips and calculators for determining which size of TV you should get around the internet (like this one). But your personal preference would still be the best option. Plus, other special features would also determine which type of TV you are going to get. Internet TV, smart TV, ultra HD with tons of features, or just a reliable digital TV.

Where you place your TV in the room will also help you decide where to put the seats. Putting them in the center might be best if you want this to be your ‘central command.’ If you’re manning this ship solo, you can get a really comfy one-seater couch, or a reclining chair for ultra viewing comfort. Having family and friends share you man cave? Then you can have a multi-seater couch set instead. And if you’re feeling really casual and fun with you man cave, you can also throw in some bean bag chairs.

Should you be needing some refreshments, you can also set up a mini bar and snacks counter in your room. A simple fridge and cupboard should work well and you don’t need to run to kitchen every time you need replenishment. But if you’re really up to it and if you’ve still got space, you can set up an actual bar and be your own bartender!

So you’ve got the refreshments now. Better make sure you have some where to place them on while watching the game. You can get a long low table that everyone can share without blocking the view. Or you can get those mini snack tables you can attach to the couch or foldable ones for each guest. You definitely want something to chug and munch one while watching but you also don’t want them to get in the way.


Decorating Your Den

You’ve got the essentials down now. Time to add more character to your Cavs man cave. Put up some nice curtains in team colors or neutrals that can go well with the rest of the room. Or if you can get your hands on some custom printed fabrics with a really cool Cavaliers pattern, that would be really awesome.

Your Cavaliers memorabilia that have been accumulating in your bedroom or have been kept in storage? Display them proudly! This is your Cleveland Cavaliers man cave and there’s nowhere better to show them off than here. Line up your walls with framed photos and posters, jerseys, signed souvenirs and limited edition items. Even little trinkets from games and events you have been to add extra charm to your already awesome collection. You can hang up one (or a lot) of these LED neon signs for that extra flare. You can also get a customized one with your own design. Hang it anywhere in the room or use it as a door sign. Wouldn’t that be a really welcoming greeting for you and fellow Cavs fans? Or a gentle warning in case you’re in the middle of game and prefer not to be disturbed.


You’re Almost Done!

You now have all your Cavs-related items in one place and you can enjoy it as much as you can. But you don’t have to do all these in one go or at all. As with most things, it all comes down to personal preference.

Also keep in mind your budget. You can get all the expensive gadgets and gizmos if you can afford it. But it’s still better to keep within a reasonable budget and only spend on things that really matter. Doing it yourself may also save you some bucks, but then you have to make sure you do it right or you might end up blowing up your budget by starting all over.

You’re not just budgeting money, but also time. If buying a new chair is more efficient than fixing an old one, then go ahead. Or if you plan on doing your man cave as a passion project, you can spend as much time and resources as you would like. You can hire a professional interior designer if you need some pro help. Or you can ask family and friends to help you out. This might even be a fun activity for everyone and still share your love for the Cavs.

Just remember, your man cave is not finished until you’ve hung your last souvenir photo. It’s done when you’re happy with it and you can enjoy every Cavaliers game in your comfy chair without having to think of anything else.

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