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Design a New England Patriots Themed Bar for your Home

By Aiko G June 27, 2017

Super Bowl Champions of 2017

There’s no doubt that the Super Bowl LI was one of the most fist-clenching and memorable games in Super Bowl history. Most had conceded and given the verdict by halftime; but silence struck the nation as the people closely watched how the Pats turned the tides of the game.

“Tom Brady leads the New England Patriots to Victory,” was the headline the very next day. The Atlanta Falcons had the upper hand with a 21-0 score late in the second quarter. Imagine that! Who would have thought that anyone could catch up to a huge score gap in such a short amount of time? Well, the Falcons’ biggest mistake was celebrating too early as they thought they would take home the cup for the first time ever in their second Super Bowl appearance. Their defense is no joke but their errors in coaching (and over confidence) in the second half of the game spelled their doom. They went from elated to devastated when the New England Patriots quarterback turned the storm against them. The score was 28-9 at the beginning of the final quarter and the Pats caught up neck to neck with a 28-20 score at the two-minute warning.

For the first time ever, the two teams headed into overtime. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. After 50 Super bowl games, we had the first overtime on the 51st where the Pats took home the National Football League Championship trophy for the 5th time. This amazing comeback and turn of events has given the New England Patriots the title “Best NFL Franchise of the Century.” On top of that, Brady has also set the new record for passing yard (before overtime) as well. That certainly made it to the top Super Bowl 51 highlights!

You can only imagine how much history there are packed together in one game. As such, it is only understandable that old and new fans alike would want to get their hands on anything that is Patriots. It’s time to gear up and get that best-fan-ever face on, especially now that the NFL draft is over. If you’ve had “decorate bar area” in your things-to-do list since forever, now’s the time to do it. And since we’re all about one of the greatest NFL teams ever, why not dedicate your home bar to the Patties?

Home Bar Design Ideas

If you have an extra room in your house or even some extra space in your kitchen, a great idea would be to transform it into a home bar. It would be the best place to watch NFL games with your family and friends; and frankly, your wife would feel more at ease knowing that your drinking in a bar only a few steps away from the bedroom. So yes, a New England Patriots themed bar is totally a good idea.

Liquor Cabinet

Whether you want to go all out on your home bar or make it a simple project, you will need a cabinet for your alcoholic beverages and a counter where you can drink. The rest you can easily amp up with some decoration.

The center of practically any bar would be the liquor cabinet where you can display all your wine and beer bottles. This part is pretty easy because you can basically grab any kitchen cabinet and then decorate it however you like. For the color, dark or navy blue is suggested because it would make all the other bar accessories and decoration you are going to put there pop up. You can, of course, paint some white and red to complete the team’s official colors. If you’re using a plain kitchen cabinet, place racks to organize your bottles and glass ware. An upside down wine glass holder, which is available in the store but also an easy DIY project, would add an extra touch of class to the place.

Unlike in sports bars, it is not suggested to mount a TV set in the middle of your liquor cabinet as you are going to be seated by the counter. It would be a little difficult to watch for a long period of time if you’re sitting on stools. An alternative would be to put cool New England Patriots logo LED signs at the middle. Unlike in sports bars, this place is your own and you don’t have to cater to other NFL team fans. So go ahead and make this a Patties territory!  If you’re super into it, why not get old legacy logos signs in smaller sizes and place them on the sides? Get the most recent logo in a larger size and place it at the center. You can even get a sign of your favorite wine or beer to complete the whole bar look. Whether you’re a Budweiser, Miller, Jack Daniel’s or a Jameson drinker, it would be the perfect sign combo for your bar.

Bar Counter

The counter would be a little more difficult compared to your liquor cabinet as you can’t really use any dining table and transform it into a counter top. You would have to purchase one, make it yourself or have it custom-made. The good news is, you can easily get the long bar stools at furniture shops or department stores.

The cool thing about having a custom-made furniture is that you can have it in any design you want. A great idea would be to decorate your bar table or have it painted like the New England Patriots Gillette Stadium. You can also have it made with a glass panel and set it up with a lighted sign. A Superman New England Patriots design with look fantastic with this idea. Of course, you can just buy an ordinary bar counter and paint it yourself. It would be a fun project with the kids or with your buddies.

TV and Couch

What would be the point of building a bar in your home if you can’t watch the Super Bowl in it? Beer and chicken wings with family and friends? The perfect set-up.

As previously mentioned, you wouldn’t want to mount your TV at the center of your liquor cabinet. If you want to mount it on the wall, do so in a spot that is perpendicular to your bar counter top. That way, everybody (including the one behind the counter and the ones sitting on the stool) can watch along with those sitting on the couch. A setup where the couch is placed behind the stools and the TV positioned directly in front of it also works. Just make sure to place swiveling stools so that those sitting can just turn around and watch.


The team’s official colors are Blue, Red and White. If you had painted your liquor cabinet and counter top with all three colors, it’s the best bet to have the walls painted white. If your personal preference is a darker color, make sure to brighten up the room with lights. A cool New England Patriots LED Wall Clock would also look terrific here.

At some point in your life, you would have bought some Patriots flags or foam fingers that have so much sentimental value that you just can’t get yourself to throw away. Solution? Frame them or just mount them on the wall. It’s a good way to safe keep them and also serves a decoration in the room.

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 5 times; and Tom Brady was the quarterback of the team in all those wins (2002, 2004 ,2005, 2015 and 2017). It’s no exaggeration when people say that the Patriots would never have won a Super Bowl without him. He was known before Super Bowl LI, but became even more famous for leading the team to the most amazing comeback in history. Would it be too much if there was a small Tom Brady “shrine” in your home bar? No. Not at all.

If you have a Tom Brady jersey, cap or uniform, then dedicate a small space on the wall where you can mount them. That autograph he signed for you? Frame it and hang it. You might even have an LED sign with his face or logo that you would want to display with these. Of course, if it’s not Brady then you can dedicate the spot to your favorite player. Whether it’s Robert Gronkowski or John Hannah, it’s your space so you can put what you want in it.

Other Bar Accessories

If you have a lot of New England Patriots collectibles, this is the place to put them. Prop up that awesome LED Table Clock that you’ve been keeping. Maybe you even have a night light that you would really have no use for in a bar but would just want to display and brag about to your friends. Those team player bobble heads, mini foot balls and other memorabilia all go here. You can even display that official NFL Apparel you bought but can’t use because it’s too valuable here. You’re pretty sure that by next year, you would have to replace that New England Patriot 5x Super Bowl Champions with a new 6x Champion Sign. Super Bowl 2018? We are so ready.

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