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Dallas Cowboys Man Cave Ideas and Home Design

By Aiko G April 09, 2017

You’re a Dallas Cowboys fan and you’re lucky enough to meet and end up with an incredible woman who loves you despite your obsessiveness over the team. Now, it is a universal fact that in most households, a woman has control over pretty much the whole design of the house. From big things like furniture to small details like your cutlery set, most of the time she has the final say. You might think that all is not fair in the world, but this is really no problem at all. I mean, who has the time to sit and decide if the living room should be painted beige, ivory or cream? And admit it, you do not miss the old bachelor pad with clothes and tools all over the floor with a bonus lingering smell of gym socks. It’s an advantageous situation and isn’t as bad as one may think. That is until you hear these words: “Get that Cowboys junk out of my house!”

Suddenly, you miss your old messy and smelly pad that reeked of your masculinity. There is room for deformed vases filled with dried leaves but none for your awesome Dallas Cowboys LED Neon Sign because it would ruin the design and theme of the room? Why, that draws the line!

Relax. That’s what your man cave is for. It is the sacred space of retreat where you can be alone and away from all the women in your house. In this room, you decide which goes where. The walls are painted in a color that you can actually pronounce and the couch doesn’t have to match curtain. It is a sanctuary where all your “junk” are precious items that you can hang or display wherever you like. It is a space fit for a MAN.

Of course, just because it is a man’s room, doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a motif. You’ve been a Cowboys fan for as long as you remember so you would probably want to dedicate this space to your childhood heroes. Here are some ideas that you could use.

Cowboys LED Sign

First of all, you need to mark your territory. This is a man’s room but on top of that, this is Dallas Cowboys territory! For this, an LED sign on the door or on the wall adjacent to it is best. You could also place it inside the room parallel to the door so as soon as you enter, a bright sign would greet you and make you say "This is my haven."

Dallas Cowboys LED Signs

There are many styles of Dallas Cowboys signs or lights that are available on the internet. The best kind is the LED Neon Sign where the logos are engraved on a clear acrylic sheet. This is better than glass because it doesn’t break as easily and is lightweight. The designs are engraved and you can choose from different styles like the team’s logo or helmet. In fact, you can have one custom-made if you like. Why not hang a sign that has your name under the team’s logo? That would be so awesome and would have high bragging points to your friends!

Another great thing about these signs is that the lights are LEDs so they are bright, durable and color-interchangeable. The replacement lights can be bought separately and you can get it in a different color from the original one you purchased. They are also available in different sizes so you could get a large one to really make your point; but you could settle for a smaller one if you want more space for your other Dallas Cowboys collectibles.


Cowboys colors are blue and white. You could have the walls painted in a white variant since most of your stuff would most likely be dark blue. This would make your items stand out and appear more visible. With this, you could setup LED signs in blue and they would have a perfect contrast. However, if you don’t like your wall white then a lighter shade of blue or gray is suggested. If you insist on dark walls, set up lots of light and prop up a big white sign at the center of the room so it wouldn’t appear too dark.

The Throne

Aside from the space to which you will use your cave to store your precious Dallas Cowboys gear and stuff, it is also a must that you watch (and cheer) for your team here. Of course, you will need a TV. You can go big with a 50” monitor with a surround sound home theater; but you could also settle for a modest TV set. What’s important? The couch. Think of it this way: you have spent hours working in the office and then doing chores at home. All you could think of that makes you go through the day is holing up in your Dallas Cowboys man cave and watching the game with a cold beer in your hand while sitting on your favorite chair. This is your throne.

There are different types that you can choose from. Depending on your preference and the size of the room, you could get a large sofa so you can hang with your buddies. You could also get a reclinable chair, complete with a foot rest and cup holders. This throne will be, understandably, blue. A dark shade, like navy or royal blue, is preferred. That way, spills and stains will not be too visible when you eat snacks or drink beer. Put in a mini-fridge in the room and you’re all set!

The Players

If you have a favorite team, then you must have a favorite player. Maybe it’s Roger “The Dodger” Staubach, the greatest Dallas Cowboys player of all time, or other Cowboys legends like Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Tony Dorsett, Bob Lilly or Tony Romo. It may even be one of the new rising stars like Maliek Collins, Cole Beasley, Dez Bryant or Ezekiel Elliot. Whoever your favorites are, pick your top 3 or 5. To show how much of a fan you are, you can display something of theirs. Don’t fret if you don’t have any autographed or signed Cowboys memorabilia; here’s a great idea for you. Buy a jersey with their name and number and have them framed and hanged. You can print a photo of them to go with the jersey, but if you’re really into it then you can do something more special like getting a custom-made sign.

Imagine this: as you enter your manly man-cave, a large Dallas Cowboys LED Neon Sign at the center of the room will greet you. At one or both sides of the adjacent walls, your top players’ jerseys are hung in frames with their names or even faces lit up in signs. You can go with a blue light for the center piece and then get white lights for the rest. If it’s too much then you don’t have to do this for all the players; just pick your top one. Don’t forget to prepare some tissue or towel; your friends are going to need it to wipe the drool off their faces when they see it!

Accessories and other Trinkets

Now that you’ve designed the overall look of your man-cave, all that’s left for you is to add the finishing touches. You can set up hanging drawers for novelties or souvenirs, like Cowboys flags, bobbleheads or foam-hands that you bought from games that you watched. Display your Dallas Cowboys LED Wall Clock, night light, helmet, poster and other items that you’ve collected over the years. Go all the way with your decoration by putting a football field carpet that would go perfectly well with your throne. You’re not an interior designer, but you know that white walls, some blue lights and a green football carpet are a pleasing match.

If you’re really into the details, buy some Cowboys stickers or just plain blue star stickers that you can buy at any DIY home stores. You can decorate your light switch, tables and drawers with these. Just make sure to buy the correct types (like stickers for glass, wood or plastic). If you have the budget, go all the way with a Cowboys themed mini-bar. A warning though: if you do this then your friends will never want to leave!

Those are just some ideas you could use if you’re planning to build your man cave. If you’re worried about the budget then keep in mind that you don’t have to do all these at once. You have the design in mind but you can add the items one at a time. It also helps if you watch out and buy items that are on sale. If you see a great deal, don’t lose your opportunity and grab it! Don’t limit yourself and go crazy. Remember, no idea is a stupid one because this is your MAN SPACE and you can do whatever you want in it! Besides, you can’t have too much of America’s Team, right?

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