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Create an Oakland Raiders Themed Decoration for Halloween

By Aiko G October 02, 2017

Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated Holidays all over. Who wouldn’t love it? It’s the time of the year when you can unleash your imagination and put up decorations and costumes. And, although adults don’t usually join in on the traditional Trick-or-Treat, they can still dress up and engage in fun activities with family and friends.

This brings us to your yearly struggle: DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas. Well, with the NFL Season just around the corner, wouldn’t it be an awesome idea to make an Oakland Raiders themed Halloween Decoration for your home? It’s fun for all families and friends; and most important of all, it’s for true Raiders fans only!

Your Lawn

The first thing passers-by and visitors see in you home is the lawn. Traditionally, it’s decorated with Jack-O-Lanterns, candles, Scarecrows and the like. This year, try swapping the usual carved pumpkins with Raiders Helmets. If you’re a soccer mom/ dad with kids in the house, you most likely have some old helmets lying around that you can decorate. Simply paint them black and white, the team’s official colors, and spray paint their logo. You can print the Raiders logo on hard paper or cardboard and make a stencil out of it to make this task easier. Splatter some red paint to make it look bloody and terrifying. If you don’t have helmets you can refurbish into decorations, then you can turn to the old reliable pumpkin and carve them up to look like a helmet. To illuminate your pumpkin helmet, try using a Oakland Raiders night light. It’s small, easy to install and will really brighten it up!

Replace the traditional Scarecrow and with a “ghoul” or Zombie Raiders player. If you have an old Jersey that you can tear apart and dress up your ghoul with, that would work perfectly. But don’t fret if you don’t have it as you can easily paint over any old shirt or cloth. The fun part that you can work with is the headstones. Just imagine it: headstones of the rival teams that the Raiders conquered and brutally murdered in the football field! And to add salt to injury, you can put up an Oakland Raiders LED Neon Sign to illuminate your lawn. What a way to mark your territory and win one point over the enemy!

Go the extra mile and greet your guests and trick-or-treaters with a customized Raiders door knocker. Don’t be intimidated as it’s not as difficult to to execute as it sounds. There are lots of ready made pirate door knockers that you can buy, especially during the Halloween Season. Just spray paint black and silver over it and you’re ready to go. To complete the look, you can hang an Oakland Raiders Wooden Sign below it. The fun bit about these signs is that you can turn it into your very own DIY project and customize it with paint. This Halloween decoration will not only show your creativity, but most important of all, it’s a fun project!

The Living Room

Whether you are going to host a Halloween Party at home or just want to spook (and impress) visitors, it would be so much better if you decorate your living room as well . You can adorn the space with the usual cobwebs, spiders on the wall, creepy posters and more. However, if you want to give it more Raiders spirit, try to darken the room as much as you can. Use black, the Raiders’ official color and of course the color that truly represents Halloween, to execute this. Drape windows with black curtains and use black temporary wallpapers. If you don’t have the time and budget for this, you can simply put black drapes over bare walls. The final touch? Set up white Oakland Raiders LED Neon Signs in large size all over the room, turn it on, dim the lights and watch the magic happen!

For empty walls that you want to fill up, you can flaunt Oakland Raiders NFL Scores against rival teams to show off their glorious victory (and the enemy’s humiliating defeat). You can also prop up NFL schedules and highlight Raiders games. A Raiders Wall Clock would go well with this idea. That way, you and your buddies can watch the game on time and shout in victory together.

Another option would be to frame and display pictures of some of the best, and your personal favorite, Oakland Raiders players like Marcus Allen, Gene Upshaw, Ken Stabler, Tim Brown, Howie Long and many more. You can even have their name, number or even image engraved on a Custom Sign if you would like to go the extra mile.

The Food

If the Raiders lawn and living room don’t put your name in the hall of “the most awesome Oakland Raiders Halloween Decorations ever,” then these unique food ideas certainly will!

  • Make a chips and dip station by carving out a pumpkin to look like a pirate with its mouth wide open. If it’s too difficult then just carve a simple face and put an eyepatch over it. Dump salsa or guacamole dip all over the front of the mouth to make the head look like it’s puking. Then place a bowl over pumpkin head and arrange the chips on top of it.
  • Remember that pumpkin you carved out? Make use of the filling by making some tasty Raiders Pumpkin Pie. Decorate the pie crust to look like a skull head by carving some eyes, nose and a sinister grin. Add some chocolate spiders or insects as the finishing touch.
  • Make hotdog mummies with puff pastries. Slice them thinly and wrap them around hotdogs or sausages and make it look like a mummy. Don’t forget to season and oil them before baking!
  • Make ghost and pirate pops by dipping fruits like sliced bananas and apples in white or dark chocolate ganache. Then use a piping bag filled with the ganache of the opposite color to decorate it with ghost or pirate faces. If you don’t have a piping bag, improvise by putting the chocolate in a small plastic bag and cutting a very small hole at the edge. You can squeeze the bag and the chocolate will slowly pour out of the hole for easy handling.
  • Set up a make-your-own burger corner on the table with a model of the Skeletal System. It’s easy to find these in stores, especially during the Halloween Season. Lay the skeleton on top of a clean sheet or some place mats. Simply arrange the buns, patties, cheese, garnish and dressings neatly over the skeleton’s body so that your guest can make the burger how they want them. If this idea consumes too much space, skip the Skeleton legs and just use the torso and head. Finish off with an eye patch, pirate bandana and a couple of plastic swords over its head. Your guests will love it!
  • If you’re baking some cupcakes, decorate it with chocolate frosting. Then crush some oreos or any other dark colored cookies and sprinkle it over the frosting. This makes it look like dirt or soil. Top if off with a candy or fondant headstone (with the name of your crushed rival team) and serve it to happy and satisfied guests.

If you dimmed the lights or made your living room dark, it’s highly suggested that you light up your food table. Not only will this give more attention the food’s decoration, it’s also less likely for you guests to stumble and make a mess. You can use lamps, lighted Raiders Table Clocks or small Oakland Raiders night lights to give life to your food station and you’re ready to open your doors to your hungry guests!


No Halloween will be complete without costumes! Of course since you’re going with an Oakland Raiders theme, it’s only appropriate that you don on NFL Halloween Costumes. If you want to put on a Raiders Uniform, you can make it extra spooky by shredding some parts of the jersey and burning off some of the edges to make you look like a zombie. If you don’t want to destroy your clothes, slap on some white face paint and use black paint over your eyes, nose and mouth. You can add some stitches on the cheeks and put some red paint to give it more effect. You can also decorate your helmet with the good old axe through your skull or arrow through the head trick. Add some washable paint there for some oozing brain and blood.

For the ladies, NFL Cheerleaders Halloween Costumes are fun and would look totally awesome. If you prefer not to shred and destroy your cheerleader costume as well, dab some black and brown eyeshadow over it. This will make it look dirty and worn out if you’re going for a zombie or ghoul look. Just make sure that the makeup you’re using can be washed off. Put on some face paint, mess up your hair and get your party mode on because you are ready for the best Oakland Raiders Halloween party ever!

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