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Cool and Fun Pittsburgh Steelers Man Cave Ideas for your Home

By Aiko G February 04, 2018

Man caves seem to be the thing nowadays. You always hear from your co-worker or friend that he’s going to “hole up in his man cave” for the weekend or that his new Pittsburgh Steelers LED Sign is going to be displayed in his man cave. What is it really?

Technically speaking, a man cave is defined as a room or space in the house that is dedicated solely to the males residing in the household. It can be any room, but the most commonly used areas for this are the garage or basement. Garages are convenient because not only are they spacious, but it serves as your “Hobby Room” as well. Plus, women don’t generally go to the garage!

You may think that this is a new trend since this is the first time you’ve heard of it. However, man caves have been around for years and even centuries. It dates back to Ancient Greece, where philosophers were known to have done most of their thinking and concocted most of their philosophies in their private chambers. Although not officially called a man cave, the idea is that this space is private and for your use alone.

Fast forward to the present time. You’re married or living in with your girlfriend and you’re thinking that you most probably don’t need a man cave. Why would you? Your girl is the most loving, flexible and frankly the coolest girl out there. However, you remember that you have a bunch of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia, trinkets and collectibles that are still in their boxes because the missus thinks that they don’t go with the design of the house or that they’re messing up the room. Then you start thinking that maybe you do need your own room. And if that doesn’t convince you to build one, then here are the reason why you should have your own man cave at home:

  1. De-stress, Relax and Un-wind - Think of this space like a black hole or warp zone wherein no work, chores or responsibilities are going to bother you! At the end of a very tiring day at the office and after doing everything that needs to be done at home, it’s nice to have a few hours or even just minutes to sit back and relax with a cold beer in your hand.
  2. Your Own Space - In this room, you are in charge of what tiles to use, which furniture goes where, the general theme — basically everything in it! In here, it is not ridiculous to set up a life-size statue of your favorite and the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers player of all time! No, because the people in the house know and respect that the man cave is your own personal space. You can do whatever you want in here.
  3. Hobby Room - Whether your hobby is woodworking, metalworking, car restoration or others, the man cave is the perfect place to dedicate this and hone your skills. You can go about and scatter your tools here and there without having to worry about small parts missing. Plus, you wouldn’t have to hear the endless reminder (nagging) from the wife to clean up your mess! If you’re into photography, you can develop films in the man cave and also display your favorite works here. It’s also perfect if you love playing musical instruments or playing video games. There’s an extra effort needed to soundproof the room, but it will be totally worth it!
  4. Exercise - The man cave isn’t just a place to relax, it’s also a place to get physical! You just need to set up a few equipment or do some light routines at home if you’re already enrolled in the gym. You can do this while watching a football game. This will keep you fit and healthy, and will also convince the wife to let you stay in the room for as long as you like. Afterall, health is wealth right?
  5. Me Time - You don’t need excuses like doing your hobby, exercising, watching the game. Sometimes, you just really need a “me time.” Maybe you just need a private space to get lost in your thoughts or take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Of course, there’s no better place for this than your man cave.

If you’ve familiarized yourself with the functions of a man cave and have convinced yourself that you definitely need one, then it’s time to get your noggin’ working! Imagine the kind of room you would like it to be. This is your go-to place for de-stressing and also having fun. Maybe you can invite the rest of your family here or invite some friends over during the weekends. Of course, since you were born and raised a hot-blooded Steelers fan then it’s only fitting that you dedicate your special place to your childhood heroes!

The thought cannot be stressed out even more, but the space is yours so you can do whatever you want. You’re going for a Pittsburgh Steelers man cave and remember that no idea is ridiculous and you can’t go overboard with the design. Here’s your chance to let your creativity flow.

The Colors

The first thing you need to decide on are the colors or general theme of the room. The team’s official colors are black, gold and white. You can go all out and get your mad painting skills on by using all three colors simultaneously. Simple stripes or alternating patterns using the three colors can be used. Gold is also a popular choice but it is most often substituted with a bright yellow hue. This color scheme will make the room look bright while also making it look bold and fun. Use a lighter shade of yellow if you want a cooler or more mellow look.

If you’re not a fan of using bright colors and have more of a minimalist style, you can opt for simple white walls and dark flooring. Accentuate this with thin gold and black stripes over the molding or baseboard. Or, you can just let your collection of Pittsburgh Steelers LED Signs, posters and other collection “paint” the wall for you.

Your Collection

Now that you have your very own man cave, your precious Steelers collection can finally have a home. They can get out of their shabby boxes, be free from the closet and be displayed for everyone to see like the should be. Set up cool shelves with glass displays for this. This can be purchased ready-made in furniture stores and are easy to assemble. You can even install some light fixtures to give it more emphasis.

Another great idea would be installing some hanging shelves. This can be a fun DIY project and is really easy if you’re into woodworks. If not, there are also wooden panels and hinges available in furniture stores with simple assembly instructions. This can work really well with your theme because you can paint over them with white, black or gold. You can also hang lighted signs in yellow or white to accentuate your collection or decorate it with stickers of the team’s logo. This is a simple and easy to do task but will turn out great even with minimal design.

The Players

Among your collection, there are bound to be some jerseys, uniforms or helmets of your all time favorite Pittsburgh Steelers players. You don’t want to wear them since they are part of your collection, but you also want to display them without exposing the material to dirt or other elements. The simple solution that you may also know a lot of people to be doing is to frame them. You can do this and then to level up the look, get LED Neon or Wooden Signs for each player and hang them above or below the frame. There are different designs and variations that are available, like the player’s name or portrait. You can do the same for helmets if you decide to display them in glass.

The Throne

Your man cave will not only serve as your display room, it will also be the place where you will most likely spend a lot of your free time. It’s only fitting that you get a “throne” so you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. It can be a reclining chair with black leather to match your theme or just a simple couch. You can even get a sofa so that you can hang out with your friends. Install a TV system, bring out the chicken wings and get ready to watch the Super bowl in your super awesome man cave.

Home Bar

A bar in your man cave is optional; but if you have the extra space and budget then why not, right? For this, you will need a liquor cabinet, a counter and some stools. The liquor cabinet is easy because you can use a regular hanging cabinet and then paint over it to match the theme of your room. You can also use a wine rack if you prefer.

As for the counter, a great idea would be to design the counter top with the team’s official beer: Iron City Beer. If you’re not really a fan then you can design it with your favorite beer and then make sure to cover it with a glass top to protect it from food and water spills. If the idea is a bit too much then an Iron City Beer LED Neon Sign, or your favorite alcoholic drink, will do.

You can add small details in your man cave to give it a more Steelers look. It can be a logo on the light switch panel, Pittsburgh Steelers Wooden signs, pillow cases for your couch or even a Steelers LED Wall Clock. Just remember to tackle one project at a time and the most important of all, have fun designing your man cave!

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